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Welcome to my new website! I am so glad you’re here! Starting a new website is a lot more work than I expected and I know this will be a work in process but for now, please take time to view the cool plants we offer and also our unique cut foliage. We are supporting…


This spring is an incredible year for coning conifers, my favorite. I am constantly amazed by the quantity and colors of cones on the firs, pines and spruce we have. Many fabulous photos are posted on my Instagram page. Check it out. @peaceofmindnursery

Conifers and Climate

Most of the country is contending with higher temperatures these days, perhaps related to climate change, that is why conifers are such an excellent choice for your landscape. Not only do they handle the heat better, but the variety of colors, textures, genus, forms are so expansive they will fit in with any landscape challenge…

Bees Around the Nursery

We had so much pollen this year too, the bees were loving visiting the conifer fields we have and are busy making us a big batch of honey. We are relatively new beekeepers, but our hives are thriving and I love to use our fresh honey in multiple venues of cooking.

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