What We Offer

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We offer hundreds of varieties of conifers, many of which sport pink or purple cones and serve a wide range of landscaping purposes.

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We offer an extensive selection of plants, including an assortment of high-quality ornamentals that come in multiple varieties, sizes, and price points.

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Our unique and fragrant foliage selection is used by plant enthusiasts, as well as people in the floral and décor industries for flower arrangements, weddings, special occasions, and holidays.


Peace of Mind Nursery is a proud grower of more than 600 varieties of conifers and ornamentals. We’re also purveyors of foliage for all uses. We cater to various customers across the United States, such as garden centers, landscape contractors, architects, estates, arboretums, municipalities, and local homeowners.

Peace of Mind Nursery is a one-stop shop—customers can purchase plants of any size, from 1 to 40 feet. Additionally, we offer rare products that other plant and foliage suppliers can’t provide. We are devoted to making you successful.

About Our Company

Peace of Mind Nursery was established in 1986 because of our passion for the most unusual conifers and ornamentals. We were featured in the Oregon Association of Nurseries’ State of Perfection issue because of our incredibly unique high-quality ornamentals. Also, our owner holds a Natural Resources Management degree from Ohio State and an MBA from University of Portland.

We are located at 10772 Selah Springs Road, NE Silverton, OR 97381. Our secondary location is at 30670 SW Peach Cove Road, West Linn, OR 97068. Come visit us today!

The Right Foliage for Your Flowers

Florists, garden centers, and homeowners rely on us for a selection of fanciful foliage. We sell our rare cuttings, which are used to enhance garnishments, wreaths, door swag, and displays for special occasions.

You can expect a lot of variety as our foliage selection changes with the seasons. We’ll help you choose the right foliage for your flowers. You can find different colors, textures, and fragrances that most customers didn’t even know existed. In addition, our foliage is known for its longevity. It can last for several months.

“Hi Dave,

On behalf of IFDA, I want to thank you for sponsoring our next meeting’s workshop on ‘Winter Greens.’ Your product looks fabulous, and we really appreciate the photos. Your sponsorship really helps us out, and we hope it brings new business to you from our members as well.

Best to you and your staff and family in the upcoming holidays.”

- Nancy Bushwick-Malloy, Chairperson, Program Committee, IFDA

“Hey Dave:

Thanks so much for the greens you sent— they were wonderful, and I have some good pictures to share with you.

Beautiful, beautiful things and we so appreciate it.”

- Ellen Seagraves, Floral Designer East Coast


- Leanne, Floral Design Institute: Portland, Oregon

“I first saw Peace of Mind products when Leanne Kessler did a presentation at the Floral Design Institute. When I met Dave at the AIFD Symposium in Seattle, I was excited to actually see the large variety of products he had to offer. Seeing the product in person with the colors, textures, and varieties got my creative juices flowing. With the popularity of the ‘urban organic,’ outdoor, garden themed weddings, I had the perfect wedding to try his products out on. The family was over-the-top happy with end arrangements. My crew loved working with Peace of Mind products. We almost didn’t need flowers, but the flowers were already ordered (in person, you really could see the variety of foliage, even the photos don’t show any detail).”

- Shamay Andrich CFD (will be inducted to AIFD 2018), Washington State Floral Designer

“Beautiful! I am going to want a wild bunch this year, and maybe more—working on things and making a plan.

Good luck to you! We will be promoting you in our workshop!”

- Ellen, Floral Designer East Coast

“I actually have some projects coming up that could be great for both of us! I will keep you posted! As for your customers calling me—please feel free to have any and all of them call me anytime! I'd be more than happy to let them know about you and your operation! Send them my number and have them give me a call. No need to ask.”

- J Hensley, Project Manager, Turf Team LLC

“Good morning Dave,

Yes, this is an official order. If you could invoice each store separately, that would be best. Everything can be delivered to our store with copies of invoices or email invoices to each store, whichever works best for you. I can get you Macadam's and Burnside's info. Let me know how you would like to handle it.

Thank you, Dave”
- Mary Wadman, Floral Manager, High End Chain purchased plants and foliage, Portland, OR